Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prepare for the Panel Discussion Tomorrow and Arm Yourself with Knowledge!

Tomorrow is the big day! The FSNSA will be holding the Proposition 37 panel discussion tomorrow, from 3-5pm at Beckman Hall 404. The debate will be held in a town hall-style format, where audience members will be able to ask the panelists questions. In preparation for the discussion and to spark thoughts about your own opinion, here are some useful links related to the potential law:

Summary of Proposition 37 including fiscal impacts, a list of supporters and opposers, donors, and experimental polls.

Official website for Yes on Prop 37.

Official website for No on Prop 37.

"Vote for the Dinner Party," a NY Times article written by food writer and "real food" advocate Michael Pollan.

A Reddit "Ask Me Anything" featuring Michael Pollan.

Official event page for Chapman's panel discussion, including information about each panelist.

The popular Fooducate App debuts a new feature that gives information on GMO ingredients in hundreds of thousands of food products.

science-based point of view on the Propostition. Dr. Kevin Folta, a professor in the plant molecular and cellular biology program at he University of Florida, gives an interview about the role of GMO's in society from a scientist's perspective. Do they really deserve a bad reputation?

For the visual learners: a cool infographic about Prop 37.