Friday, November 7, 2014

Guest Lecturer: Suzanne Pecore

A few weeks ago, we had an amazing guest lecturer come speak to the Sensory Evaluation class! Suzanne Pecore is a celebrity in the world of Sensory Science. Currently working as a Global Connector Principal Scientist for General Mills, her expertise in the industry was enlightening for many of our Food Science students. Suzanne studied under Rose Marie Pangborn, a pioneer in sensory science at UC Davis. Her subsequent experiences at Foremost McKesson, Nutrasweet, and General Mills have led her to where she is today. Suzanne conveyed during her lecture that every job is a learning experience and an important step in your career path. For those of us particularly interested in Sensory, Suzanne's detailed description of the innovative methodologies being used at General Mills were remarkable. One test in particular, the Tetrad test, is a contemporary analytical testing method that Chapman students are currently using as a component of their sensory panels this semester. Suzanne's advice was helpful and inspiring. We are certainly lucky to have had the chance to attend this wonderful lecture!

- Sabrina Davis