Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Link Roundup

Happy Earth Day everyone!

As most of you know, I am a tree hugger. While not as extreme as other advocates for sustainability, I try my best to reduce my impact by doing little things such as unplugging unused appliances, biking to school, turning off lights, and taking shorter showers. In honor of the only planet known to support life,  please take a few minutes to browse these food-related Earth Day links to see what little things you can do to maintain the health of this beautiful floating rock that revolves around a star.

This infographic shows the types of produce grown during the various seasons. Lucky for us, lots of these are grown in-state!

If you're looking for a specific state and season, Epicurious provides and interactive map to show you which crops are freshest.

Here are some food swaps that are both good for the planet and your health.

A childhood favorite, worms in dirt!

IFT provides some links to resources that show how food science contributes to sustainability

Don't know what to do with your food trimmings? Come to the composting workshop on campus this week!

And if you still need some motivation to shrink your carbon footprint, here are some crazy cute animals that we share this planet with.